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Waver took a deep breath to calm himself. He was hiding among several trees near the Cycling Road path to Fuchsia City, trying to slow his heartbeat and make his breathing as shallow as possible. With the mask hiding his nose and mouth, he didn't have to worry to much about that anyhow.

Waver ceased breathing entirely and pressed himself behind a tree as he noticed a purple figure out of the corner of his eye. A Crobat fluttered past silently, it's eyes searching the foresty floor thoroughly. As soon as it passed, Waver began climbing up the tree he was hiding behind and stood on one of the boughs lightly, crouching slightly. From this vantage point, he'd be able to see everything and find where his opponent was hiding. Or so he thought. Waver felt a strange sensation in his gut and glanced behind him. he struggled not to yell as he found that Crobat was hanging on a branch directly behind him, staring at him with its wide eyes. Waver immediately wheeled around and hopped from the branch to another quickly. A poisonous mucus flew from Crobat's mouth just then and hit where he had been standing before. The sludge bomb attack completely melted the tree branch, before it could fall to the ground, like a corroding acid. Waver didn't stick around to observe this for long. He continued hopping from branch to branch as quickly as he could, and a rain of sludge followed after him, some getting dangerously close.

"Tch." He gritted his teeth as the branch beneath him collapsed just as he hopped off of it, and he nearly tripped. He wouldn't be able to out run the pokemon. "Sylvester, shadow sneak!"

Right on cue, a Kecleon bathed in the color black shot from Crobat's shadow, which was sitting on a tree trunk right beside the pokemon, and slashed its claws out. Crobat reflexively dodged out of the way and reached.

"Wing attack!" A voice echoed through the forest. Waver glanced around quickly, trying to find the source. But it was pointless--he was against a pro.

"Slash!" He ordered the counter. Kecleon lashed out with its claws that struck against Crobat's wings and the two were in a momentary deadlock. But it didn't last long. Crobat swatted Kecleon out of the air, knocking it toward the ground. Crobat immediately shot toward Waver, deadly venomous fangs bared. Waver didn't hesitate to hop backwards from the tree bough he was on, allowing myself to fall in order to evade the attack.

"Bind!" He called. Kecleon's tongue shot up and wrapped around his body, lowering me safely to the ground. Then the tongue shot up at Crobat furiously, and Crobat immediately ducked out of the way, like a fly dodging a frog's tongue.

"Double team!" The voice called out. Crobat's form shimmered as it vanished and multipled into several images of itself.

"Sylvester, don't stop." Waver ordered. Kecleon's tongue continued to chase the evasive fakes, wrapping itself around tree branches that it passed by until it essentially created a cage around all the images, trapping them. Waver grabbed onto Kecleon's body as it pulled its tongue in and the tree branches began to crack and break from the force. With a sudden snap, Kecleon's tongue tied itself into a tight knot, trapping all of the fakes in it, including the real Crobat. Waver was surprised. Had he really won?

His brief moment of victory was thwarted as Kecleon's legs gave in and it collapsed. It's tongue fell limp and Crobat freed itself quickly. Waver grimaced darkly as I helped Kecleon up and it began to untie its knotted tongue. It was his loss, he knew it. But how?

"It was Toxic."

Waver looked up to one of the tree branches that had survived Kecleon's attack and saw Janine, his mentor, looking down toward me. She held her arm out and Crobat perched on her elbow, grinning down at me and Kecleon.

"Throwing your tongue around like that is a good tactic. It distracts the enemy and sets yourself up to trap them when in cluttered environments. But with as much space as you're taking, you leave yourself open for attacks. Crobat was able to inflict your Kecleon with toxic, which led to your defeat."

Waver sighed. He had been so close this time, and yet so far. The chasm between him and a gym leader was as obnoxious a hurdle as ever.

Janine hopped to the ground lightly and pulled her mask down from hiding her face. Waver did the same--it was how they were assuring one another that the battle was over and that neither would attempt any tricks.

"How do you feel?" Janine asked. Waver knew she wasn't talking about the battle anymore.

"Fine." He replied after a moment of considering this. How did he feel? "I'm not nervous, or anything. I expected something like this to come eventually. We shinobi act in the name of duty, after all. Staying safely at home isn't characteristic of us."

"Although you're just going to have fun."

"I'm doing it practically, though." Waver glared at Janine, and she grinned. Waver took out his shuriken with a pokeball embedded into it and he returned his Kecleon, Sylvester, into it. "The least you could do is give me some sort of farewell present, sensei--"


Waver winced as a small vial hit his head before falling to the ground at my feet. He picked it up and identified it as a full heal.

"Am I supposed to say thank you?" Waver muttered as he looked it over and pulled the top off.

"By the way, it's already been used and the tip is broken."

He sighed. "Wonderful sense of humor, Janine-sensei."

"You wanted a present, didn't you? Just remember to keep your guard up. I don't know how you managed to get that ticket, but we're all aware that you have no luck whatsoever, so don't let anything surprise you."

"It's a cruise on the famous S.S. Anne." Waver reminded her, unfazed by her attempt to scare him. "It will be fine."

"Well, if that's what you believe, I won't argue..."

Waver ignored her as he stuck the full heal in my pocket and took the ticket out in its place. He had to admit, it was a bit of a surprise, recieving this from a passing man. Waver assumed that they simply didn't have the time to go on the cruise themself, but he hadn't gotten a comprehensive explanation. One thing was for sure--there was no point in wasting the opprotunity.
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