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Kanto Enclave

"Stay close," Geoff told her, rushing behind a house with Alice on Urta's command as the Mechanists began to fire on the Knights. "You don't have any armor, so you're at a disadvantage." The Absol was about to point out that Geoff was wearing none either, but flaps of metal were rolling out along his arms and legs when she opened her mouth.

They looked to the commanders, who were taking command of a regimen of front-liners. They charged in towards a single building, a few of them falling before they could reach it from Knight attacks. Alice sniffed the air for a moment while she watched Geoff providing cover with Magical Leaf -- versatile move, apparently, given that the Knights only seem to know how to shoot that attack at people. Something was off.

"Oh Arceus, no," she muttered. One of two scents that were completely unmistakable. The Knight stopped ahead of Urta and a Leavanny she had at her side.

"I wish to see your leader, Mechanists." Second Commander Caedmon, for some reason, had a young Timburr accompanying him, and barked out that he wanted to see Malruth.

"What's one of the Head Commanders doing here?" Geoff asked. Then started a short interrogation session, courtesy of the Leavanny beside Urta. However, the first question was... under-educated, if that was the right phrase. Who DIDN'T know Caedmon Yeonart?

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