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    Tim Korinal

    Arcea seemed much more lenient towards the adults that enslaved all the kids in Eterna. Meanwhile, the depressing young lady next to her instantly perked up at Tim's proposition.

    "Actually, a few of us used to be those 'slaves' you were talkin' about. Jesse managed to get away a few weeks ago, and I broke out with the rest in the past few days. None of the kids left in Eterna would want to fight for the people that imprisoned them." Arcea wanted to save the adults, but Tim was all for knocking a couple heads if it got the rest out for good. "Anyways, you're lookin' at us. Only about five or six of us goin'. The others don't want anythin' to do with adults, even freeing another city from 'em."

    He took a moment to remember what Rizero called their plan. "I had an idea where we just sneak around and pick 'em off in ambushes; after a few of the stronger guys are gone, all the other adults would leave. My spirit called it 'guerrilla warfare', but I didn't understand what a gorilla had to do with being sneaky." Of course, he was guessing what the word meant by pronunciation, and his Rhydon didn't clarify. "We were actually about to head out, but you two popped in."

    "Hey!" A boy with pink hair, some scales on his face and a giant pair of fins sticking out of his back was running by the Gabite-wielder's side.

    "You know, I coulda flown ya!"

    "I don't like heights, I told you that!"

    "Wuss! Afraid of falling?" The two were half-arguing, but otherwise they made it in good time.

    "You don't exactly have the best grip!"

    "... Shut up!"

    "Tim, what happened to 'em?"

    "I dunno, they just came here injured." Gesturing to his new companions, Tim introduced Arcea and Hailey to Dominick. "He's like a doctor to this place, and practically the only one that knows what he's doin'." The pink-haired boy knelt down next to the pair and was quickly covered in a light blue energy, pulsing it out over them to speed up their recovery. "So why won't you come with us? We need your smarts and Heal Pulse for things like this."

    "I'm here to keep you loonies alive, but I don't approve of your plan since you're going to be killing people." With a sigh and agreement, Tim left well enough alone instead of trying to make an argument. He made new comrades, and didn't want to push his luck.

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