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Glad you enjoyed it! And that is an excellent question. While I never actually gave an official answer for that in the hack, I've sort of played it off as if Lyra from Heart Gold was the one that did it. The Rival's default name is Kris, and has the appearance of the original girl from Crystal, but Gamefreak seems to act like Lyra and Kris are two different people so this could work. Admittedly, Kris does borrow some elements of her character from Lyra, but just as many from May (She's the professor's daughter like May, but she started with Marill like Lyra did, and her personality is inspired slightly by both of them).

I figure I will try to address this better in the Halloween Hack, as it will chronologically occur between Gold and the Christmas Hack. In fact, the Cooltrainer you fight in the secret base near Lake of Rage represents the player from the upcoming Halloween Hack.

But again, I've worked off the assumption that Lyra was the one who did it over the summer in Gold/Heart Gold version.

Speaking of continuity and female players, since RED is the champion, the final trainer is Leaf.

EDIT: Nice work on the wiki article. It looks as though these were based on the version before the "Bug Fix + Final Trainer" update, since it doesn't mention the Final Trainer, and I believe the Togepi Egg references and bird glitch were fixed in that one. But over all, very nice! Thanks for taking the time to put that up.

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