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Oh, a new post! I'm so happy to see people stopping around and posting again. I was about to have to bump the group myself.

Welcome! I'm glad to have you aboard.
Originally Posted by okjoek View Post
In the games however, none were more shocked than I to see the last gym leader become champion even though we've already had someone who was truely fabulous do that before. She gains points for being more diversified than lance, but she loses points because she's taken on a horrible new (and common for that matter) weakness, Fighting!

Hydreigon, Lapras and Aggron all have a weakness to fighting without having a single pokemon resistant to that.
Ah yes, her team isn't perfect. She doesn't have something to prevent all weaknesses.

But it's still a pretty well rounded team, in my opinion. Especially for a Dragon-type specialist. I can't wait to fight her on Challenge Mode. Which I'm going to attempt to activate legitimately as soon as possible. I also haven't played the game yet, though I could have. I've had some things come up that have kept Pokemon games out of my budget. But I'm planning on importing the game very soon. Before the game comes out in the United States.

And Hydreigon and Archeops are definitely a pretty awesome combination. Really, I look forward to the challenge. I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing Iris at her best in challenge mode. I'm even going to keep same level Pokemon of mostly the Dragon type, in order to keep it a close but reasonable challenge.

On a side note about the anime, the mention of the Bouffalant episode reminds me of this adorable piece of fanart to share.
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