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    I'm gonna try this again. Pokemon is fake, and it's not sadist when your treating Pokemon with love and respect. Yes, they do have them battle eachother but if they were truly enslaved then why don't they just run away? They won't run away because they are so attached to their trainer. Ash does not enslave his Pokemon in a poke ball either Pikachu is always out of his Pokeball and refuses to go in it. They may be causing harm to eachother but it's not the same harm as dog fighting and rooster fighting. They don't fight to the death, they just fight until the other one gives in or K.O.'d. It's the same thing as UFC and boxing. They don't fight to the death they fight until one is either knocked out or points earned. In pokemon there are no points but the KO thing is the same exact thing. Boxer's and MMA fighters also respect eachother in and out of fight. Now some trainers do abuse their Pokemon like Team Rocket for example and Silver but for the most part the do everything they can to help their Pokemon and keep it healthy.