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    Ayame Akiko

    Ayame's thoughts got interupted by Dorian who gently grabbed her right hand which made her blush a little. He took the tickets and started walking together with her, Ayame didn't dare to look at him right now and so didn't notice he was also blushing a little.

    'Finally...' Obilivio sighed as both Ayame and Dorian could hear him speak since he used telepathy. Only Ayame would understand him if he spoke in pokemon language which would be unfair.

    'Finally we are heree~' Ayame said excited, trying to get her attention away from the fact that dorian was holding her hand and walking with her towards the boat. She took a glance towards the tickets Dorian was holding and smiled. 'It's kind of suspicious how you got them though.' Ayame commented. 'Doesn't matter~' Ayame playfully leaned her head against his arm.