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    OK, so I really didn't like Midnight in Paris. Like, at all. And I'm a fan of Woody Allen in general. (Most modern stuff, not so much, but his earlier films are often really, really good.) To me, all of the stuff in Midnightland - or whatever you want to call it - was well acted and cast but had no element of drama to it. Simply pointing at a famous person and going "Wow, you're F Scott Fitzgerald" =/= good plotting. It's just wish-fulfilment dragged out in service of a non-existent story. Having said that there was at least good acting in that part (especially from Alison Pill and Corey Stoll as Zelda Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway respectively). In the present day, I just wanted to kill everyone on screen with a baseball bat. Owen Wilson was fine, I guess, but Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams were just horrible - in both characterization and acting. And the worse thing there was that there was actually a plot! As putrid and contrived as it was, there was actually some semblance of narrative thrust... but in pursuit of a horrible endeavour that left a really bad taste in my mouth. So, yeah. I didn't like Midnight in Paris. Not one bit.

    What I did like was Magic Mike (aka Channing Tatum's stripper movie), which I saw yesterday! The atmosphere was weird though. In the cinema, it was made up of 90% 40-year-old women, 9% 20-year-old gay men and 1% me. It was certainly a new atmosphere for the cinema, at least for me.