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    Mina Avery

    Noise from coming from the doorway distracted Mina from her investigation of the room, and she turned around to find a boy coming in with a Luxray. The Luxray hopped onto the sofa while the boy bowed rather comically to Mina. "Hello!" he said. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mina, yes?"

    Mina looked at him in confusion for a moment before her gaze lit up. "Oh! You must be Salem!" she exclaimed, clapping her hands together gleefully. "Yep, I'm Mina alright, and that over there is Fire." Said Charizard walked over from the corner he had retreated to while Mina was exploring and gave Salem and the Luxray a calculating look. After a few moment, he turned is head away with a snort.

    Mina brushed off her Pokemon's rather rude behavior, having expected it from the start, and went on with the introductions. She pulled two of the three pokeballs from her belt and from the red light that shot out of them appeared a Tyranitar and a Milotic. "And these are the other two Pokemon I brought with me, T-Rex and Aquarta," she said, pointing to each in turn. T-Rex roared fiercely before glaring down at Salem while Aquarta sat coiled next to Mina, nudging her trainer's arm affectionately. The newly released Pokemon moved to look around the room, or in Aquarta's case, turned her head to look timidly about so she wouldn't have to leave Mina's side. T-Rex on the other hand went over to greet the Luxray laying on the couch, the Tyranitar towering over the electric-type.

    "I love your Luxray by the way," Mina said, moving to get a closer look at it. "They're one of my favorites from Sinnoh." At Aquarta's despairing cry, she added with a laugh, "Besides Milotic, of course." Spinning around to face Salem again, she stuck out her hand to shake, a smile on her face. "Well, it's nice to meet you."
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