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Originally Posted by okjoek View Post
Name: Okjoek
Partner: Muk
Reason: I'm dissapointed that just about all of the poison type specialists to this date are ninjas, and from kanto for that matter (excluding Roxie, but I havn't fought her yet)
If I were a poison type specialist I would take on a different theme, possibly a scientist or medical doctor or maybe the head of a (nuclear?) Powerplant! I've got it!

The champion of a region being the rich son (kinda like steven) of a powerplant owner. Growing up, his fathers powerplant has brought in a lot of poison types to where he lives. He's made them as his friends and now he's the most powerful trainer in the world! If that were me my team would be:


It's well ballanced because it helps cover against poison's natural weaknesses, psychic and ground.
Hey dude, welcome to the club! Glad to see that Poison type lovers aren't such a dying breed. ♥ Hmm, that's actually a really interesting point you raised, I never considered the ninja thing. o.o I suppose Koga and Janine were related though so it kinda makes sense that they're both ninjas? Although if you think about in-game trainers, all the ones with Poison themed teams are either evil teams like Team Rocket, or, as you said, ninjas. It seems that Poison types aren't that well-liked in the Pokémon world then :( Although I honestly can't imagine many different trainer types that would suit a Poison type team, perhaps other than a Scientist. I'm not sure why a doctor would be using Poison types considering he's meant to heal people xD Anyway, what made you choose Muk as your partner? I was expecting Swalot from a Hoenn lover such as yourself. x] That's a great choice though; I utterly adore Muk ♥ And your team looks incredibly powerful and well thought out - Poison Pokémon are very diverse! :D