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    You could back track and get a mareep. When it fully evolves Ampharos is a pretty decent Pokemon. You would have to train it a lot because mareep will be level 6 or 7. If you want to get a mareep I would try my luck against Whitney to catch Sudowoodo and then make everything more accessible. You could get to Violet City a lot easier. You could go north of goldenrod and enter a bug catching contest and catch Scyther. (He learns Wing attack at lv 21 which will make the fighting gym easy) If you don't want to go through all the training with mareep, but you want an Ampharos on your team I'm almost positive you can catch Flaafy on the route on the way to Lake of Rage. I would keep cyndaquil, but level it up a bit before Whitney. I would also get skitty to lv 20ish. Hope this helps.[/SIZE]

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