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    Malik watched on, frightening Dragonair with his silence as the spinning wrecker came towards her at a break-neck pace. Ryudo couldn't help but look on happily, how else do you react to a win that seemed so easy? "Serena, jump out of the way!"

    Serena attempted to jump out of the way of the oncoming steel sphere of destruction, but just as she left the ground Bronzong collided with the fleeing Pokémon, smashing straight into her middle body and sending the poor Pokémon flying into the stadium wall. The Dragon type struggled to get back up, but after encouragement from its trainer it was rearing to go again.

    "I knew you'd get up again. Serena, use Dragonbreath!" Malik was obviously panicking now after that strong attack, but he wasn't going to let that fear effect his Pokémon's performance.

    Serena reared its head back and prepared its attack as Bronzong simply floated on the spot and watched. The Dragon type Pokémon looked confused as to why Bronzong wasn't moving, but figured it was just because it was dazed from the collision and decided to take advantage of this fact. Opening her mouth and letting out a huge roar, Serena fired out bright blue flames and sparks right at Bronzong. But once again, it didn't do a thing to the Steel type Pokémon - not whilst its defenses were that high.

    "I told you already Malik, you're not going to hurt Bronzong with moves like that. You're got to be patient and wait for the right moment. Pshht, what help are you going to be in the tournament? Oh well, let's finish this. Bronzong, use Iron Defense to harden your body then spin and use Gyro Ball again! Deliver one final blow."

    Bronzong hastily followed Ryudo's request and shone once again in a brilliant silver chic, before beginning to spin on its axis and surround itself in a bright blue light. The colours cascaded together like the Aurora Borealis forming a magnificent shimmering orb of light which grew ever faster in its rotations before heading straight towards Serena like the descending moon.

    The pupils of Malik's eyes dilated in angst. He didn't know what was about to happen, but he at least wanted to try and prevent it from happening.

    With an very audible growl, he called out an attack. "Gah! Dragonair, blast yourself into the air with Twister!"

    Dragonair mewed in response, sounding more like a heavy finally if anything. As told, Serena shot the huge tropical winds at the ground below her, shooting up instantly in turn. Bronzon's attack zipped right under her just a split-second later, the winds from its speed nearly knocking Malik off his feet.

    From her new vantage point directly above Ryudo's now dazed Pokemon, Malik finally decided it was time for a "do or die" combination.

    "Now, drop down on Bronzong with Waterfall!" he yelled, gesturing the drop with a mighty fist.

    Dragonair liked this idea, no one could be sure of what would come next should his combo prove successful, but a chance was a chance, and Malik planned on taking it.

    The blue orb around Serena's slender neck began to glow, as what appeared to be water swirled around inside. Moisture in the air quickly began to form around her, creating a pool of heavy water in the air above Bronzong. Ugh, that was impressive, what am I going to do now whilst Bronzong's defenses are down? Thought Ryudo in despair.

    Malik soon grew the same devilish grin that had previously spread across Ryudo's, but would he be able to keep it? Well, he'd have to find out, seeing as the water Serena conjured began to grow so massive you could plainly hear the waves crashing against themselves around the contained aura she'd created to hold it all.

    Now's my chance! he thought. "Do it! Drop the Waterfall"

    The powerful barrage of water plummeted onto the weary Bronzong whilst it lay helpless on the ground as Serena began to ride down the waterfall and crashed straight into Bronzong at blistering speed. The impact was so powerful that Bronzong was imprinted right into the ground as the ground beneath both trainers shook violently.

    "What! How can a Dragonair have so much power when it hasn't even evolved!? That's it, Bronzong, use all your power with a Psychic attack now!"

    Bronzong lifted itself back off the ground with its Psychic power and began slowly preparing itself for a huge attack. The very air began to twist and the ground shook as the powerful barrage built up around Serena. Rubble from the battle began to fly all over the room as Bronzong started to let out a high-pitched penetrating cry, focusing all of its power into that move. Ryudo wiped the sweat from his forehead as he watched Bronzong with tension; this was do or die.

    Malik also watched Bronzong expectantly, knowing that if there was going to be a deciding factor to everything that's happened in this match so far, these next few moves were it.

    "Dragonair, use your special move! Draco Meteor!" Malik called after a rough bead of sweat trickled down the anxiety on his face.

    Suddenly, a fiery ball of blue matter circulated around a mysterious crater of rock that seemed to appear out of nowhere. This was the maelstrom of Dragon-Type moves, the piece d'resistance. Anything that came in the path of this attack was sure to have some damage as a result. So could the same be said for a Steel-Type Pokemon?

    He was tired of those stupid questions. Now? Now it was time to go for it, and Serena definitely felt the same.

    As the two attacks built up in power, increasing to unimaginable heights, Ryudo took the opportunity to make his move. "Now Bronzong, do it!"

    With a huge pulse knocking both Ryudo and Malik off their feet, Bronzong let out a blood curdling high-pitched sequel before unleashing the extreme amounts of built up psychic energy. Wave upon wave of pink aura collided into the Dragon type Pokémon, cascading against its body in hugely devastating blows. The Draco Meteor was caught up in the howl of psychic energy before being stopped in its path and directed straight back at Serena. The huge attack exploded into her, causing incredible amounts of damage due to her dragon typing, as the arena began to erupt in a giant cloud of dust.

    As the battlefield cleared and the attacks had finished, only one Pokémon was left standing; and that Pokémon was Bronzong.

    Damnit ... Malik thought, more so laughing if anything. I gotta give credit where it's due ... an this kid definitely deserved it... He called Serena back into her Pokeball.

    "You take a nice, long rest ... Understand?" He voiced around the red and white sphere. He lord back up, but in stead of an angered look, Malik had a calm and dignified one, as if he was more SATISFIED if anything.

    "Man, that Dragonair of your's was powerful! But nothing's too strong for my Bronzong." Ryudo was ecstatic with his speech, realizing that he'd just defeated this man that not two hours ago he'd been terrified of.

    "Hey kid! Ryudo was it?" Malik said hand cuffed over his mouth to emphasize the distance between them. "I was wrong about you! I never thought a Psychic Pokemon would give Dragonair such a hard time ..."

    It was apparent on Ryudo's face that he was concerned for both Pokemon after the match, Serena seemed extremely hurt and Malik seemed to give it no attention.

    "Oh? Don't worry about Dragonair, she'll be fine. She just rests up in her Pokeball, mostly cuz she hates the Centers. Darnedest thing, huh?"

    Ryudo didn't speak. He was more than likely shocked to hear how Serena liked to nurse battle wounds. Malik must've been telling the truth though, since he didn't look concerned in the slightest.

    Malik simply chuckled and started to head for the exit. "Yeah, I figured you look like that, kid..." He unlatched the lock to the door and headrd past the threshold, so Ryudo put it in his head that Malik must have not wanted to talk anymore.

    "Well?" He asked, peeking his head back into the doorway. Gesturing with his thumb, he pointed outwards behind him. "Come on, kid! The day's still young? Let's go see what else you can do on this borin' island ..."

    Malik stepped out and he assumed Ryudo would do the same, mostly because he didn't turn around to look. And he didn't have too, he was sure the kid would tag along. He was his partner now, and Malik kinda took a shine to him from the battle.

    At least he's not some weakling ... Malik thought as he placed his hands behind his head.

    Well, they do say a Pokémon battle is the best way to make friends.

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