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    He would have learned Extremespeed anyway if you had evolved him by stone. Flamethrower I don't understand since that shouldn't be in his skill list, unless you had him evolve right after growlithe learned it or something.

    Please do not complain if something isn't working the way you want it to since you are hacking my hack to do things I didn't intend for it to do. I don't mean to be rude, but I really cannot help you since these are not changes I intend to make and I can't be sure what all you are doing when you change them.

    If you want him to learn new moves, go ahead and make him learn some new moves. You may as well, you're already changing the evolutions and stuff too and the moves he learns are stored right after his evolution data. Basically, if you insist on hacking my hack, don't expect me to really support it or help you figure out how to make my hack do something I didn't want it to. That just isn't reasonable.

    Like I said, I will make a patch that replaces Trade evolutions, and if I find any problems when I change that, I'll fix them in the patch.

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