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    Salem introduces his team mates

    "Oh good grief... Call me anything but that! Rolly, preferably." It seemed his manners had nearly subsided the second his bow had finished, and ended in an unhideable grimace. But he still shook her hand politely, perhaps even more firmly than it would ever be necessary, and reached into his pocket to snatch up his own added pair of pokéballs. All three were the non-standard premier balls, and each was decorated with a colorful set of letter stickers that spelled out the names of the dwellers.

    "Well, let me introduce you to my own friends!"

    And as it turned out, they popped up in the sky with a fanciful flare. After all, Rolly couldn't go without introducing his own fellows!

    The room ended up hilariously cramped with the number of large Pokémon occupying it. Now there was a grumpy looking Arcanine smudged up against the Tyranitar and eyeing it over fearlessly. That big lizard thing also looked threatening. Swing's next mandate was to glare sternly at Fire, but only after he felt the rocky lizard thing was suitably threatened.

    And Polka's mandate was to touch EVERYTHING. After she had bounced up onto her trainer's shoulders to survey her surroundings, she skittered back down. First she poked around Mina's legs, guaging her as a potential new jungle gym, but that Milotic was full of so many more possibilities! And so was that Tyranitar over there! Oh, and a big firey thing! Was it friendlier than Swing, oh she hoped it was friendlier than Swing. Maybe she could ride it! With absolutely no provocation, she leaped upon Fire and perched on his back, between his wings. She was about to smack him and see what she could get him to do before Rolly pried her off voilently, and held her upside down in a tight grip.

    How appaling! How dare he do this to her! She deserved to do- was that a chandelier? Oh sweet cakes she loved chandeliers! It was so small but it was so bright and crystally!

    Rolly had to practically wrestle her to keep her down, and her squirming wasn't helping much. Oh crap, this was a terrible idea.

    "So, this -urf- is Polka, and that over there is... Swing." Waltz nearly snickered from afar, and the twitches of his tail accidentally battered Swing unseen. Before the Arcanine could whirl around and growl the nuisance back down, both Polka and Swing were sucked back into their abodes. Rolly just didn't want to deal with this at the moment. They would be straightened out later.

    "Charming bunch? Aren't they? So uh... What're those?" He eyed the Tyranitar first. The bulky carapace made it seem like a Rock type. It must be a plain ole' Rock type. He couldn't imagine anything else. Maybe Ground or Steel, if anything else.

    And... That had to be a Dragon type! And a Fire one too, probably. Rolly rushed to the Charizard and studied him over with eager glee, trying to fathom it's workings. Fire at the end of the tail? Maybe it was part of the respiratory system, removing excess oxygen and carbon dioxide from it's body? Or maybe it was just the source of it's attacks, and the beast was agitated~?! Oh, how exciting!

    He had totally misjudged her, this Mina girl was probably the greatest thing since canned bread. "Where did you catch this?! It's... So cool~!"
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