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Originally Posted by Akio123 View Post
According to Serebii this isn't confirmed this was the 7th episode... (I mean I don't think they would do two Iris battles in a row anyway XD)

Also, the summary confirms that Dragonite is a Charizard I mean I was right in that respect and thus we have the status quo.

I wonder who is going to win then.
Yeah Dragonite disobeying is pretty predictable. And I would assume this is the second battle as the first one occurred with Georgia in the prior episode with the beginning of the tournament.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Maybe it's just the name and we'll see more battles with Iris vs Hikari only as the main course.
Don't completely understand, but you are saying we will see more Iris vs. Dawn or that this will be the main match i.e. Cilan vs. Trip in Don, Iris vs. Burgundy in Don II, Bianca vs. Trip Don II. Cause yeah I feel like there will be multiple matches.

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