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    Mina Avery

    "Oh good grief... Call me anything but that! Rolly, preferably," Sale-er, Rolly said, seeming to lose all gentlemanly appearances as he shook her hand. Mina's smile faltered, if only a little, as she wondered if she'd done something to annoy him, but she soon forgot these thoughts as he pulled out a pair of premier balls. "Well, let me introduce you to my own friends!" he said as he released the Pokemon within which were soon revealed to be an Arcanine and a Floatzel.

    While the Arcanine had a glaring contest with T-Rex and Fire, the Buizel seemed to be having a blast exploring everything - or, everyone - as it first poked about Mina then her Pokemon, even going so far as to climb onto Fire's back. Before the enraged Charizard could burn the fur off of the water-type, Rolly grabbed it off of his back.

    "So, this -urf- is Polka, and that over there is... Swing," he said as he struggled to control the hyperactive Floatzel. Mina couldn't help laughing as he returned the two to their balls. "Charming bunch? Aren't they? So uh... What're those?" She blinked at the questions, surprised he didn't know. Well, it made sense that he wouldn't know what a Tyranitar was she supposed, but Charizard was the final evolution of a what she had thought was a widely known starter. "Where did you catch this?! It's... So cool~!" Rolly exclaimed as he studied Fire, who backed up, giving the boy a warning growl.

    Afraid that Fire would burn her new partner before she even got to know him, Mina pushed her way between them. A puff of smoke rose from the Charizard's nostrils, telling the girl that she had been just in time. "T-Rex is a Tyranitar, and Fire here," she jerked her thumb back to point at the incredibly pissed Pokemon behind her, "is a Charizard. As for where I caught him, he was the starter I received from Professor Oak." She cast a quick glare at Fire, just daring him to try anything. He just let out another growl and watched Rolly from over her shoulder. Mina sighed and smiled apologetically at Rolly. "Sorry about him, he doesn't get on to well with strangers. I'm sure he'll warm up to you soon."
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