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    Originally Posted by Mystery Soul View Post
    Dude, take a pill >.> It's a KIDS' game. Shinies have always been those aggravating things that no one really expects to find and the ones who go out of their way to find them obviously have a lot of time on their hands.

    You have a problem with the Shining Charm? It requires you to have seen all 649 Pokemon in the National Dex. Now, you tell me what's easier: Trading over, evolving, and breeding ALL those Pokemon, or hunting a shiny? I think the choice is obvious. And it only cuts the chances down by a third anyways! That's still a 1/2370 chance. And no, that doesn't mean you'll be guaranteed to find one. You can go through 27370 random encounters and STILL never see a Shiny with the charm. As for the Masuda method, it cuts it down to 1/1365 eggs. Which, again, has no guarantee that you'll hatch a shiny in those 1365.

    So untwist your undies, cuz it really doesn't have a significant difference in the long-run. And as for the shinies that require no effort? Whoop-dee-friggin-doo. Excuse GF for trying to reward its gamers. The Gible/Dratini requires you to defeat Black Skyscraper/White Tree Hollow. And the Haxourus? You need to see every Pokemon in the Unova Dex, which isn't much easier than trying to obtain the Shining Charm. If you can do what's required, then you are totally entitled to those shinies and the Charm.

    So, in short: You are wrong for saying we don't deserve shinies just because they're given to us or because we use an item.

    Thank you, have a nice day, and maybe drink some tea before you post~
    I think you took my post a little too seriously there friend. ^__^ I'm so sorry that my opinion generated such a reaction from you. That's not what I meant for it to do, as I strictly remember the OP asking what our individual thoughts were on the shiny charm. All I did was state my opinion, and what do you know? I get flamed for it.

    I can tell your one of those people who expect to get a shiny with no REAL effort and are probably looking forward to the charm, and that's ok with me. You don't need to defend yourself by calling the game a kids game or implying that I have no life because I hunt for the shinies during long road trips or while I'm watching TV. Yeah, that really sounds like I'm a hermit who's life revolves around pokemon.

    All in all, I dont want to start an argument with you. We both have our opinions and I respect you for yours. Please just remember not to call me out for following the thread's rules next time OK? ^__~

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