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No worries about not rating your fic at first. All the rules say is:
Rate your fanfic properly, with proper warnings.
Rating your fanfic protects your readers. Your readers rely on warnings in your fanfic to make sure that they do not read anything they would not want to read. Two rating systems can apply here. Either the film ratings, or the literature ratings.

American Film Ratings: Wikipedia
British Film Ratings: Wikipedia
Literature Ratings: Guide

Any fics higher than R/18/M rating will be closed, and the author of the fic will be banned for providing the material.
You wouldn't get in trouble for not rating it.

I've only scanned your chapter right now, and I don't think that it rates high enough to be 18. There's only a brief mention of kissing, and I find it unnecessary to rate it higher just for that because the couple is a same-sex couple. So your fic could be rated for a younger audience.

I guess. Like I said, haven't actually read it fully yet. But right now, I'll safely say that it's not an 18-rated fic.

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