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    I used to play the original silver version back when it came out in 2000 I was 5 at the time it was my favorite Pokemon game still is today I remember I used to play for hours just to get to Lugia I trained it to lv 82 last thing I recall doing was getting the rainbow wing in the Kanto region then I lost the game never found it probably still in the house somewhere anyway fast forward to 2010 I was so happy to hear that they were remaking the games for the ds I of course bought both hg and ss I love both games I think there far better than the originals the graphics are a lot better than they were 10 years ago the new features such as the touch screen and auto running are great like that I no longer have to hold down the b button to run (That feature should be added to bw) gamefreak did a great job and I hope that later on they'll also remake ruby and sapphire for the ds if they do I'll definitely be buying them.
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