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Originally Posted by Arcanine View Post
The first episode was really good. I'm a big fan of both games and anime, so I've always liked the idea of a VR type game/system where it's like you're there in the game. So when I saw this (or maybe David told me, who knows) it was on my watch list right then.
Same here actually, my dream for Pokemon was a VRMMO just as it is portrayed here. Heck I loved .Hack! XD

I first found out about this series over some fan comics a month ago and was like "is this a game?" it wasn't until LiSA's concert last Sunday in Anime Expo that I became curious enough to look for the Manga -> Light Novel. Kinda happy I chose SAO instead of "Kore wa...something something Zombie" I'll watch this too, but after all the other stuff. xP

I love her Engrish. "Sold Out Online" HAHAHAHA xDDD

And with the whole "If you die here you're dead" thing that'd be hard to swallow if you were one of them 10,000 people. If they have healers then I can see them being in very very high demand. And as someone who plays as a healer on MMOs it's not a role I'd want to play on SAO. You messed up, that person died... you killed them. Yea... no pressure...
There's no Magic in this series, it's all potion based and inate skills based for healing. But the topic of "I hid my true self and messed up, that person died... I killed them" becomes a huge theme.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, anyone who's seen Guilty Crown knows how that ended. And most of us thought it was going to be one of them great shows. And by the end... yea.

Oh and I loved the OP to SAO. I don't know how many times I've seen it now.
Well it has the Light Novels as Source material, unlike Guilty Crown which was a totally new story that was being scripted at the same time as animated...So if the Studio messes this up, go to the Light Novels. I loved it. And yeah LiSA is so awesome, such great music. I WANT FULL VERSION NAO.

Although I doubt it due to the Director's Interview:

Originally Posted by Director Tomohiko Ito
How was the original author, Kawahara-sensei involved with the anime?

First of all, he joined us for nearly every one of our script meetings. There were times he couldn't attend due to a cold, but otherwise he joined us for all of them. He did more than just answer our questions for his opinion, and we were very grateful for the way he joined us as a member of script development. He also decided on a lot of things that hadn't appeared in the original work, like town names, for us, and giving us detailed explanations of Kirito's equipment stats. He even had names for each of the default equipment Kirito wore when he first logged in to the virtual world (smile). We were also happy that Kawahara-san took the initiative to tell us all these things.
So yeah I have great hopes for this adaptation.
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