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    Wario is not just that guy from Mario who considers himself his rival, he has developed his own character separated from the Mario series, especially with Warioware. Sure, he's not like DK where you can actually tell he's not a Mario character with all his games, but he's not like Yoshi either in which, despite Yoshi's Island, he's still a Mario character.
    You writing a book? lol The whole Daisy thing I brought up was because my friend loves her, just not as much as I am with Peach I just thought I'd share that here. Plus he called me once and said that the new SSB game is only keeping the 35 characters we have in Brawl and that's it, no new or old, just different stages, etc. I sure hope he is wrong, but if he's right, it'll be a huge disappointment in my book. I certainly would love to see Mewtwo's return to replace Lucario.

    But The only ones I really care about ever adding to any SSB games are Lyn from Fire Emblem (To replace that slow-ass character Ike) & Krystal from Star Fox (Which I know many of you disagree with but as someone whom I love as much as Peach, Krystal will have her OWN moveset with her staff from Star Fox Adventures!). I don't understand why people say that when we have Link and Young/Toon Links and everyone seem to be fine with that.

    About the DK thing, Mario/DK debuted together, people seem to forget that, so they have so much history together to even not consider them close relations in their respectful gaming. They just branched and as you can see, they are both very popular among most other games. They wouldn't be as popular if they didn't hit the jackpot the way the did. Why else would big & little DK star in Mario games such as Mario Party/Kart/Sports games? As for Wario/Waluigi, to me at first I always thought they were just rip-offs and opposite versions of our heroes, Mario/Luigi lol
    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    My problem with Wario was never that I didn't think he was a big enough deal to warrant being in Smash Bros, it was that he's just an annoying and awkward character to control. I can't play well with him and I find it boring having to play with him because I'm just going through the motions rather than actually enjoying it.
    The thing about Wario is, he's like a robot. He walks like one. That fart move of his is a little hilarious though lol

    I just always hated him in general & his brother of course. I rather have Baby Bowser & Shadow Mario forms like Zelda/Sheik instead of Waluigi.

    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    But yeah I'm sorry, King Dedede is just terrible. In my opinion he is the worst character in this or any Smash Bros game that has or will ever come into existence. He is both awkward and slow as hell, and people can hit you three or four times before he'd even get the chance to swing his goddamn hammer. The only way I can play as him with any degree of effectiveness is if I spam that attack where he jumps really high in the air and then comes down and crushes everybody. Outside of that, I find him utterly useless.

    So I was genuinely shocked when I found out that people were jizzing their pants over him and making him their main. I just... I don't get it!
    Bowser was one of the worst in Melee, and still is in Brawl, but Bowser is definitely a lot better than King Dedede. I agree with you on this one Andy. But I prefer King Dedede over Ganondorf & Snake anyday. Those are the two characters that I absolutely hate controlling, especially Snake. Snake is just a very lame character. He should go join a bomb squad instead of Brawl..