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Originally Posted by Netto Azure View Post

Well, Episode 2 is already called Beater, and the PV IS showing the 1st Floor boss battle see?

So we're debating that First day will be a flashback sometime after RNR

Apparently these are the following 'confirmed' episodes:
3話「赤鼻のトナカイ」Red-Nosed Reindeer
菅原雪絵 伊藤祐毅 伊藤智彦 中村直人
4話「黒の剣士」The Black Swordsman
向井良和 綿田慎也 高橋亨 落合瞳&大庭小枝
5話「圏内事件」A Murder Case in the Area
木澤行人 布施康之 藤原佳幸 宮嶋仁志
Huh, though i guess it makes sense that Aria in the Starless Sky could be 1 episode. I kind of estimated that 1 episode for each side-story, though I thought that they might give some more time to the first one since it's the meeting story with meeting Asuna and fighting the first boss. Though it throws my estimations off, the addition of the other published SAO side story makes up for it, and also gives more time for the v.1 to finish up, so I'm still thinking a 13/12 split. It's definitely nice that they're going through with putting later written SAO stories in here instead of throwing them in as OVAs though.

A bit sad that we probably won't get to Phantom Bullet though With Sinon being my favorite alongside Asuna and all XD

Also, I'm a bit amused that despite not having a face, Sugiha's figure is still accurate. That and the fact that her role name is "Sister" in the credits XD I'm musing myself with the fact that despite being a big name voice actress (Ayana Taketatsu: Azusa, Kirino, Mio-MM), the role title is incredibly generic, so it draws less attention to it. Good move, A-1 XD

Also, the fact that Kawahara Reki is working that closely with the director is definitely a good thing.

Well it has the Light Novels as Source material, unlike Guilty Crown which was a totally new story that was being scripted at the same time as animated...So if the Studio messes this up, go to the Light Novels. I loved it. And yeah LiSA is so awesome, such great music. I WANT FULL VERSION NAO.
There are a few pseudo-full versions based off what's been revealed and repetitions of the chorus

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