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Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
Huh, though i guess it makes sense that Aria in the Starless Sky could be 1 episode. I kind of estimated that 1 episode for each side-story, though I thought that they might give some more time to the first one since it's the meeting story with meeting Asuna and fighting the first boss. Though it throws my estimations off, the addition of the other published SAO side story makes up for it, and also gives more time for the v.1 to finish up, so I'm still thinking a 13/12 split. It's definitely nice that they're going through with putting later written SAO stories in here instead of throwing them in as OVAs though.
A lot of people thought that too, but if we're keeping this within a season of 12-13 episodes some things would be cut down. I DO hope there's Argo on Saturday's episode.

As for Episode Calculations, here's someone who was bored and did that:
Originally Posted by Firestalker5
So I got bored today and just started doing this...
*All the pages indicated in this thread are calculated from the Baka-Tsuki PDF files. Basically anything not story related and all images were excluded.

So according to my calculations the series will be about 17.5 episodes if they just stay to the main story and the few SS we KNOW they're doing.

Of course this only if they follow the stories to the absolute letter [which we know they aren't doing].

Based on the titles of the next few episodes we can hypothesis that they are going to shorten the Aria SS from 3 episodes down to 1 episode. Based on that information we can make the assumptions that anything under 3 episodes can, and will most likely be, shortened to 1 episode.

Based on that information you can say this now... the SAO main story and SS will be between 12 and 13 Episodes long. Even if they length one or two of the SS that will only change it to a moderate length of maybe 14 and 15 episodes. Of course they won't go word for word so you can probably even short the main story to 6 episodes.

So.... unless they are going to add more SS and a lot of fillers that will distract and break up the pacing of the story, I can't really see how they are going to make this a 24-26 episode series based solely on the SAO arc.

Now let's see what the ALO arc is...

So it's only about 10 episodes long [if they do it word for word]. If they were to add it as the last half of the series it would definitely fit nicely there...

15 Episodes [SAO arc max amount of episodes]
11 Episodes [ALO arc max amount of episodes, plus one for good measure]
26 Episodes

So there you have it... My bored ramblings and calculations for this series. Before you say it YES! I have way too much time on my hands.

*All calculations are approximate and at the very best are guesses [though educated ones]. This mostly as a bored thing to kill time, but I thought it was interesting and so decided to post it.

A bit sad that we probably won't get to Phantom Bullet though -_- With Sinon being my favorite alongside Asuna and all XD

Also, I'm a bit amused that despite not having a face, Sugiha's figure is still accurate. That and the fact that her role name is "Sister" in the credits XD I'm musing myself with the fact that despite being a big name voice actress (Ayana Taketatsu: Azusa, Kirino, Mio-MM), the role title is incredibly generic, so it draws less attention to it. Good move, A-1 XD
GGO will probably in the Season after ALO. We'll just have to do our best in supporting this series through ratings and demand. :D

LOL yeah, but people who read the LN immediately picked up on that and started spoiling Haha. xDDD

Also, the fact that Kawahara Reki is working that closely with the director is definitely a good thing.

There are a few pseudo-full versions based off what's been revealed and repetitions of the chorus
I totally agree, the Anime get's a lot of Proto-SAO:Progressive info I think. But when SAO:Progressive comes out, the anime would start feeling like an abridged series XP

Oh, I already linked to the full version in the concert video from earlier, I'm just waiting for the official release with better quality. Since LiSA was seriously in the middle of singing non-stop when she started on Crossing Field. XDDD

Edit: Something I made to show some "KiriAsu" love, One of the best Pairings I've seen in like forever.

A truly envious relationship.

Sword Art Online Abridged: "From Bread to Marriage, a love story" (Still better than Twilight?)


1. The Bread

2. The Stew

3. Chapter 16.5

4. Marriage
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