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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Plus he called me once and said that the new SSB game is only keeping the 35 characters we have in Brawl and that's it, no new or old, just different stages, etc. I sure hope he is wrong, but if he's right, it'll be a huge disappointment in my book. I certainly would love to see Mewtwo's return to replace Lucario.
Sakurai mentioned that the current roster is all they can do and if they were to add new characters they might end up cutting some existent ones Of course that was before Namco was announced to co-develop the game, a company who is known for their good balancing decisions for a 50 character roster. (Well at least for Tekken)

And Lucario never replaced Mewtwo, same for how Ike never replaced Roy. The two were intended to be in but were cut in the last minute, most likely due to Sonic.

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
But The only ones I really care about ever adding to any SSB games are Lyn from Fire Emblem (To replace that slow-ass character Ike) & Krystal from Star Fox (Which I know many of you disagree with but as someone whom I love as much as Peach, Krystal will have her OWN moveset with her staff from Star Fox Adventures!). I don't understand why people say that when we have Link and Young/Toon Links and everyone seem to be fine with that.
I'd love Lyn, because...
she's back

But replacing Ike? Nawww. I could see Krom replacing him, but not Lyn.
Speaking of Fire Emblem, I played The Sacred Stones on my 3DS and wouldn't mind seeing Eiphraim and Eirika as characters.
My problem with Krystal is the...ugh furries.

Characters I want is...Lil Mac is the only one I really want. Others like Ridley, Waluigi, Mona/Jimmy/Kat&Ana (Warioware rep), Captain Syurp and Samurai Goroh/Black Shadow(F-Zero rep) are icing on the cake.
Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
About the DK thing, Mario/DK debuted together, people seem to forget that, so they have so much history together to even not consider them close relations in their respectful gaming. They just branched and as you can see, they are both very popular among most other games. They wouldn't be as popular if they didn't hit the jackpot the way the did. Why else would big & little DK star in Mario games such as Mario Party/Kart/Sports games? As for Wario/Waluigi, to me at first I always thought they were just rip-offs and opposite versions of our heroes, Mario/Luigi lol
Yeah but what I'm trying to say is that DK is not a Mario character, just like how Mario isn't a DK character.
Waluigi is a mario character though, Wario isn't. Wario debuted in a sub-series that lead to a series starring the character.

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
The thing about Wario is, he's like a robot. He walks like one. That fart move of his is a little hilarious though lol
He's supposed to be walking like Game & Watch, since he's based on his Warioware series appearance it fits, which has a lot of homage to Game & Watch (with the upcoming game, Game & Wario, being an actual homage to the Game & Watch gallery), and it's also the way he moves in the cutscenes in the game.

Gameplay-wise he's the opposite of a "robot" tho. Whenever I use him I feel a lot of freedom towards his movement and playstyle. (He's one of those characters where you don't just stick with one playstyle with him.)

Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Bowser was one of the worst in Melee, and still is in Brawl, but Bowser is definitely a lot better than King Dedede. I agree with you on this one Andy. But I prefer King Dedede over Ganondorf & Snake anyday. Those are the two characters that I absolutely hate controlling, especially Snake. Snake is just a very lame character. He should go join a bomb squad instead of Brawl..
Dedede...worse than Bowser? No way. lol Dedede is actually really good.
You're all probably just playing him wrong. :(

Also been a while since we had a topic:
Who are your top 5 characters to use?
I always liked seeing other people's preferences and reasonings (even if I don't agree!), and like sharing mine too.
For me...
5. Donkey Kong (He's so fun, and I like heavy characters. Winning with him is just so rewarding. Too bad he has so much lag in his moves it gets frustrating when you mess up.)
4. Captain Olimar (He'd probably be higher, but if he wasn't so light and difficult he'd definitely be my main again.)
3. Captain Falcon (I main him in Melee, but he just sucks in Brawl. Still use him.)
2. Snake (I thought Smash didn't have any pure zoning characters like other fighting games. When I tried Snake, I was glad to be wrong. He reminds me of Phoenix Wright in UMvC3, who I main, but actually heavier, a lot less gimmicky, more viable, stronger and doesn't suck overall. I just love defensive playstyles, and zoning. I know other people hate it, but I personally enjoy planting bombs on platforms while being on the other side throwing grenades when the other can barely approach me. When he does, it's either the bombs hitting him, or if he has high %, kill him when he approaches me. He's not a character for people who hate camping and only like to get in, but he's a character for me.)
1. Wario (Obvious. Though I only recently mained him. I always liked him, but I started using him more after playing Wario Land 4 again and giving Warioware another chance, and there I realized I was playing him wrong for the whole time. I thought he was a ground fighter, but he's actually an aerial one. I thought he was limited, but he has so much options. I thought his moves were weird and not that good, but he actually has few sucky moves. I thought he wasn't as fun as other characters, but he was after playing him the way he should be played.)

2. Dr. Mario (He's Mario on crack. What else do I need to say?)
1. Captain Falcon (Fast, strong and manly. He's just so stylish, and winning with him feels so rewarding. Definitely my character in Melee.)

...Yeah I only use these two in Melee lol.

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