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Originally Posted by digi-kun View Post
You too? I've been totally hoping for Argo to show up since she's effectively went non-existent after Red-Nosed Reindeer, and even then it was just "gave me information".
Well Argo was pretty much the embodiment of the reason why Kirito went ahead and created the term Beater. So yeah even though she was a one-shot character, pretty huge impact. Although SAO: Progressive might add more Argo scenes. :>

Also I have this weird perception that Argo is a cross between Lizbet and Egil...probably because they all are Merchants LOL. xP

Biggest issue with going by just pages is that there's a pretty big difference in timings between talking and action. A chapter of action can easily translate to less than half an episode in that.
That's true enough, but that's a good thing! We get more space for side stories. :3

I've actually toyed with the thought of doing ALO/GGO at 6/6 on top of it, but there'd definitely be cuts and I don't want the quality to drop with that. On the other hand, it'd also open up the potential to start with Caliber to reintroduce the characters (cuz Sinon doesn't show up in Mother's Rosario), move to Mother's Rosario, and finish it off with the Alicization arc, though it'd probably be able to run a series on it's own given that it's going to be at least 3 volumes long.
I'm more or less thinking of a GGO-Mother's Rosario hybrid season after this expected SAO-ALO arc. Alicization is quite long that it deserves a 3rd season all to itself. :>

Unfortunately, if I'm putting support towards a series to bring the next one over, it's going to end up being Muvluv Alternative: Total Eclipse so hopefully Muvluv Extra/Unlimited/Alternative will be adapted, though my wishes definitely go out to SAO as well XD
Funny thing is MuvLuv: Total Eclipse was supposed to be my hyped up anime this summer after I saw the Back to back screening of the first 2 episodes at AX 2 weeks ago. I'd LOVE to see Alternative animated since the protag is a lot more experienced.

Oh man, you don't know the start of it. Since Total Eclipse is actually a side story to Muvluv alternative there have been some huge information drops coming from the people that have played through Alternative. Though most information drops is regarding background information since most people that have played it recognize it as probably the best VN of all time and have respect towards spoilers in that way.
Hahaha, I know been reading the reviews at ThatAnimeBlog and the discussion is full on debates of history and battle tactics. I was reading the MuvLuv: Alternative manga, but stuck at Ch. more translations. ;;
Thinking of playing the VN instead...I wanna know what happens. xD

The PV will probably come out soon. Nico generally is ok with LiSA songs being thrown up there. Same thing actually happened at the Mari Iijima concert at Ohayocon last year. Ended up singing what we suspect is the next Macross anniversary project theme song.
It's funny too, because Vegeta's Japanese VA did a concert of old Saint Seiya songs, which made me lol. xP Can't wait to memorize it after multiple plays. XD

Speaking of chapter 16.5......the transition between 16 and 17 was a bit awkward without it, so i hope for a good transition on that. (though I can totally see them implying that it happened XD)

Hahaha, we're hoping for OVA's but that's a pipe dream I think. Hope springs eternal though, since it's vanilla at it's finest.

I'm more or less content with the awesome art of the translated and colored doujins depicting 16.5 somewhat floating around the internet. XDDDDDD
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