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    My first suggestion: a better slogan than "We're still working on a better slogan". Maybe, "Catching them all since n"?

    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    Change weekly polls to monthly perhaps. Or if you must have them weekly, change them to not be about the Pokemon all the time, cause you're gonna run out. Have more choices. Favorite gym design, for example. I'm getting tired and can't think of many off the top of my head lol, but the polls are getting monotonous. Or you can face the music and realize no one cares about BW anymore and you're now in the club with me, Metal/Color and Advanced!
    No, no. 52 weeks = 104 Pokémon. You can also take a previously used Pokémon and compare it to a different one; for instance, Cryogonal vs. Beartic, who is better? Every two weeks at most, but if they go any less frequently, they will be lowering activity, not increasing it. (Though on the other hand, the polls could move to the Black 2 / White 2 forums once the North American editions come out; until they do, they should stay in Black/White.)

    Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
    Removing the Quick Questions thread would be a really bad idea as most of the threads that would be made would be answered in one or two posts and then would die off and just bump down other more deserving threads. We could perhaps go back to the old style of Weekly Polls like Favourite Bridge perhaps?
    The "more deserving threads" can always be stickied. A good moderator knows what should be visible to all members at the top and what can drop below. A couple of good threads for discussion can always be plopped at the top of the forum and, when talk dies down, unstickied. Quick questions can still mix into this particular forum very nicely - as they can with any edition forum (Platinum for instance).

    (I used to be a forum moderator elsewhere years ago - can you tell?)