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Ethan Haze
The Wilds of Skyrim

Having spent most of his time inside, Ethan didn't cope well with the cold climate of Skyrim, especially since he was located in the coldest portion of the region. He quickly made a torch his best friend as he departed the college. Not long after departing did Ethan find a dastardly horrifying sight. On the snow laden ground in front of him laid a mauled corpse in a crimson pool. He was a mage, but not a student of the college, or at least not one that Ethan was familiar with. The man, a Dunmer, was dressed in dark clothing ravaged by the liquid of death, and next to the corpse was a book. After a small examination, it was clear that the Dunmer was a necromancer. Ethan picked up the book and wiped off the red stained covers with a dry part of the cadaver's robe. It was a simple spell to raise the dead for a short time, clearly this was a novice. Then, from the cloud of powdered snow ahead came the assailant, a Snowy Sabre Cat; flesh hung from its claws and its mouth was dark red and smelled of Dark Elf.

The cat started for Ethan, and Ethan's reaction was to wave his torch. The cat did not falter, however, and it jumped at Ethan. Ethan moved back, but the cat caught him by his arm, causing him to drop the torch and extinguish the fire. Ethan's knowledge of Snowy Sabre Cats was extensive, as much of the time he spent studying at the college was about subjects such as nature and the facets of the world, rather than magic himself, hence why he wasn't as adept as the other despite having been there longer than most others. However, this particular cat was not like others. An Alpha Cat, it would not be defeated so easily. Because of this, escape was the only option, not that that would be any easier. Using Ice Magic, Ethan hardened the snow below him and slid down the slope. All there was afterwards was sea, and after that, Morrowind. Haze plunged into the water, which, luckily for him, was absent of slaughterfish. In the short time he had before the cat would notice him, he used a Temporary Invisibility scroll spell that he bought at the college. As he expected, the alpha male soon plunged into the water. However, due to its inability to smell Ethan underwater and his inability to see him as well, he eventually gave up and withdrew. Ethan though of going back to land, but then looked homeward, to Morrowind. Because he was not foolish enough to think he could swim all the way to Morrowind without getting Hypothermia or drowning, he returned to gain a boat.
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