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And here I didn't want to get involved. -.-;

-Lapras-... So lets start with the fact that this thread is about SWORD ART ONLINE. Any off-topic comments you made regarding other series were already, well... off-topic. I know it started by comparing novel quality, but then you sent it off on a topic all it's own. You started by asking a question that was already borderline off-topic, but then you started arguing with the responses you got, further derailing things. If you're looking for an example, this one stood out to me.

You might argue with me, but a lot of responses - particularly those to Arcanine's post - seem like you're trying to troll and make things worse. That's not to say I condone the way Arcanine went about dealing with it, and I will have a talk with him later.

Really though, I'm sorry you dislike popular things. I'm sorry you can't enjoy something just because the majority of viewers like it. Unfortunately, though, that doesn't give you the right to be a jerk about it in a thread where members who do like the series are having a conversation about it. There's obviously room for a bit of skepticism in these threads, but saying "I don't like this series, here's why" is a lot different than "Here's why I don't like this series, allow me to keep going on about it when nobody wants me to".

Now I strongly suggest you not make any more posts in this thread to avoid causing problems for anyone else. If you have any concerns regarding this post, or as I'm sure you will, want to argue with me about what's been said, you can contact me via PM. No need to derail this thread any further.

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