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Not going to reply to all this time :(

Originally Posted by Zulim View Post
I am still new to these forums but here is my suggestion. A lot of interesting topics would pop-up in the BW forums if there was no quick questions section. I know it is super useful but a lot of those questions are interesting and I am sure would develop in longer posts and give the forums a new activity. Just my 2 cents.

Adding onto Vaporeon7's post, I think what would be better is if you took stuff from those questions and remade those into threads. As it is, there isn't really much I think that could work. However, another reason why the Quick Questions thread is there because it's an easy archive for questions, and if people search first they won't get caught up in the mess of the forum and get direct questions/answers in a row, pretty much.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
Maybe there could be a weeky debate relative to Unova i.e Who is the most difficult Elite Four Member? Basically just general questions that will generate feedback and discussion between users who can voice their opinions and reasons supporting their answers. Kind of like what's going on in the RSE remake discussion thread! It could be called Question Of The Week.. or something more creative.
That's more of a general question, rather than a debate... though I am getting ideas for debates, thinking about it. Hmmm we could keep up weekly polls with other things or convert to a "monthly" debate. I kinda like the latter, tbh.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
My first suggestion: a better slogan than "We're still working on a better slogan". Maybe, "Catching them all since n"?

No, no. 52 weeks = 104 Pokémon. You can also take a previously used Pokémon and compare it to a different one; for instance, Cryogonal vs. Beartic, who is better? Every two weeks at most, but if they go any less frequently, they will be lowering activity, not increasing it. (Though on the other hand, the polls could move to the Black 2 / White 2 forums once the North American editions come out; until they do, they should stay in Black/White.)
Well, changing the forum's slogan doesn't really affect B/W, unfortunately. Also PC isn't looking to change it anytime soon, because that's actually the slogan. n_n

Well we were intending to do that, but people weren't really looking forward to that. However we can do it but without the "sticky" format. Or just maybe not the weekly poll symbol, or allow members to take on that if they want to add on some extra spark to Black and White! Also as for them going to B2W2, Kaori said B/W needs the activity more and B2W2 has lots of other concerns in terms of activity and stuff, really.

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