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Lengthy title. Anyway, I see a lot of people attempting to make a Pokémon game from the ground up, meaning doing everything from scratch. Most people use engines and starter kits and so forth, but there has seemed to be a growing interest in trying new platforms other than RMXP to make Pokémon fan games, meaning they need to create their own engine for them.

Now in my own personal opinion, I feel it is nonsensical to do so, unless you're actually going to change the mechanics of the Pokémon main franchise massively. I see little point in creating an engine from scratch if you're simply going to do what has been done a thousand times with Pokémon Essentials. I do feel that PE is a good starter kit, it's not amazing (by fault of nobody in particular), but it's by far the best traditional styled Pokémon engine in the world in which is freely available and open source.

I commend anyone doing an engine from scratch, no matter what it's for. But I really have to question their motives for emulating a Pokémon engine which has already been done for other platforms, rather than working from those. I do feel that if you have the passion, drive, ability and intellect to create an engine from scratch; don't do what's already been done. Go for something new and exciting. I understand that a lot of people do these things as a hobby, but building any game from the ground up is a task larger than a simple hobby can fathom. Especially at the size of a Pokémon game.

I do feel that for the work and determination it takes to build an engine, it should be for something new, unless the engine is going to be public and open source. It would also stand for the people working on it a lot more in terms of portfolio. While the quality of the code is what matters, the originality of the output is extremely important.

What do you think? Is making a Pokémon game from the ground up, in which mirrors the style of the official games really worth the work? Or would it not make sense to spare your time and use an engine in which already suits your needs?
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