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    Skye watched the fight begin for a few moments, almost interested. Then he decided against it. This girl needed to head to the dorm before her Pokemon changed its mind again. As he passed, he saw Nika pull out a Pokedex. He smiled. Soon, hopefully, he would be able to say he had assisted in making the next model. Definitely... no matter how long it took...

    "Well aren't you being a bit too relaxed to do that?" Rama, who magically read his nearly invisible facial expression as always, asked. The boy instantly calmed himself. He couldn't let ambition get in the way of education. No that was most certainly not allowed. His parents would be furious... and so would Cam.

    "Cuh-han't ruh-rush things Rah-hama," he replied, still looking ahead as he led Holly along. To anyone else, it would seem weird that he was answering his Pokemon, which just sounded like barking. He didn't speak Pokemon, no, but he understood them, which, in truth, was much easier than people thought. At least he thought it was. His pendant chilled his chest and he sighed.

    Rama snorted. even as Pala giggled at him. He would never understand that idea of his human's. If you wanted something, you should be able to work to get it and curse the world if they tried to stop you, especially if the idea was useful. Stupid societal laws or something.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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