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Kilik Chambers - Pokemon Center

"What?!" Kilik was shocked.

"He's being taken care of as we speak," his mother explained. "I swear, he shouldn't have gone out there like that!"

"Mom, I don't know why he would do such a reckless thing," Kilik tried reassuring his mother, "but that doesn't mean we should start hating on him right now. The important thing right now is that he gets better soon." Kilik still couldn't believe why his father would go out there like that, but now wasn't the time to be mad. Perhaps he could go visit his family one day when the time comes. He hopes his father is alright of course.

Kilik was called that his Pokemon were quite well. "I gotta go mom. Wish my dad well." They both said goodbye & hung up. Kilik thanked Nurse Joy & got his Pokeballs back. He sighed looking down. What bad news he got. This sure was gonna be a distraction for him, maybe talking with someone could get his mind off it. He looked around for any familiar faces, already spotting two. Ruby & Jack. Looks like the two have just met. At that moment Tentou comes out of his Pokeball & stands beside Kilik. He just let it be. He walked over to Ruby & Jack with Tentou & sat beside them.

"Hey guys. How you doin'?" he greeted them. Tentou walked over to Ruby & Jack & hopped on the couch between them, roaring cutely. Kilik wasn't much of himself right now, Ruby & Jack could probably notice that.

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