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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia sighed as it turned out that Lusca started getting chummy with the boy. Issac... just another jerk like that other boy she had met. She sat down and just busied herself with finishing off her food. She could tell that Danielle had calmed down by now, but still, he had thrown food at them! If that Trapinch had been her pokemon, she would have already made sure to teach him proper table manners and how not to cause chaos as people ate in peace. Roberto was still tense as he glared down the Trapinch, making sure that the ground type knew just how much he disapproved of his actions.

    Samuel just lay on the ground and gazed up at the others as Tyro was still fumbling over Able's question. His eyes suddenly lit up, "Oh! I like running too! It's a good hobby!" He said happily.
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