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Understandable Spino, except I don't really care for King Dedede anyway xD I'm really alright with everyone with the exception of Snake, I really wished he didn't exist. So onto the topic discussion, I'll even add the colors of my favorites of each of 'em

Who are your top 5 characters to use in each of the 3 Smash Bros games?


5. Black Falco- Definitely love the dude. He's like the most badass Nintendo character you can think of. Not to mention when I play 2v2's and have a CPU, he's also my main partner.

4. Pink Yoshi- The best all-around player, no doubt. It's a shame he doesn't get enough credit by others :\ (There should be Black & White Yoshi's, in my opinion)

3. Black Wolf-
Wolf's style is just different, unique, and he was by far my favorite villain of any game (Star Fox, of course). I love his howling taunt :D

2. Red Peach-
You can't know me and know that I'm a sucker for Peach. I'm her knight in shining armor! To bad I got to share the role with Mario lol. But I love using her, she's the most entertaining to use, in my opinion. No different than any Mario games as I always use her more than anyone except one

1. Black Zelda-
Noticed I didn't add Sheik. I rarely change forms, I prefer using Zelda and Zelda alone. Zelda's just awesome.


3. Zelda-
Well when it comes to anything gaming or whatever, I tend to always fall for the female ones. So you get my weakness lol

2. Peach- Need I to explain the two again? Reason I switched her with Zelda in Brawl was because the fast action pace in Melee was perfect for me with Peach as well. Although after a while I switched main with Peach and Fox, so overall, Fox was my main with most playtime, but Peach would be my most recent main as Fox as my "Back-up." So yeah...

1. Fox-
Definitely my best, his speed was my strength, to bad Brawl killed him for me


3. Mario-
At first he was someone I used a lot. But that's because I really only knew him & Luigi & Yoshi from their respectable games (Pikachu too but I never really used him)

2. Samus- I honestly don't know why I never use her anymore, since Melee even released. Guess I just lost interest.

1. Fox-
This game is what exactly got me into Star Fox in the first place. When I first saw him :D