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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia huffed as the Trapinch walked away and she turned her head away, "Well! If that Trapinch was my pokemon I would have at least taken the initiative to get him properly trained! Rotten table manners, a sour attitude to faults. I'm surprised that he can even tell when he is being rude, but doesn't even bother apologizing for his action, accidental or not! Shows how ill trained he is as well as how lax his trainer is!" She stated.

    Roberto stays still behind Lucia and the Scizor looked like he was actually ready to leap after the Trapinch and show him just how manners worked.

    Tyro smiled at Able, "That reminds, running is awesome! You just keep going and you're like 'whoa! I'm running super fast!' and you just keep on running and you see all kinds of cool things and you're like, 'hi things!' and....."

    Samuel sighed and got up and walked toward the Trapinch and looked down at him, "Don't take Lucia too hard. She is always like this with manners." The Absol stated calmly.
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