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Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
It's only worth it if you're writing the engine in something other than RMXP, such as GameMaker or C++ (since those do not have engines already and offer speed increases and potentially more features). Yes, there are people who do not finish if they take this route, but if they do, they know more of the game internally which will allow more optimizations. It is still difficult though. I do not recommend anyone who has less than 3 years of programming experience to take this route.

If you do want to use RMXP, I agree. "Do not reinvent the wheel", as has been said to me multiple times when I decided to make something by myself rather than using an existing library (and possibly better optimized/written).
I would agree with you if the engine ended up public, I know you're working on yours, so that aside, I do think that working on something privately like that would be a little bit much to make your own game. That said, it's still a commendable feat.

I simply think that reinventing the wheel on another program like Game Maker, as an engine like Essentials is a bit of a waste of time unless it ends up for more than the one project as unfortunately, it won't stand out as anything different. Other than being developed with a different program.

As I say, outputs are forgotten about sometimes in programming, method is quite often concentrated on too much.
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