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I saw this in the OC&D thing as a locked thread and I can't figure out why they didn't think of OT when they locked it...ofc I might be a little wrong about things so lock it if it's not an OT game :3

So anyways, in this game, you pretend to have the person above say something that they wouldn't ever say. So for example:

droomph: [OP]
Hikari10: "I hate Grovyles so much :c"
AlexOzzyCake: "Dude, I am so in love with Julian Assange..."
droomph: "Wow guys, Pokemon clubs are so lame..."

[I'm kinda tired right now so I can't think of good examples lol but something like that]

ofc this might not be sufficient for an OT game (or there's already one), but I thought it would be interesting to try.
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