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    The Techno Blast type change thing is waaaay too lame.

    They really should have done something better with those drives.

    Like WTF, it can leanr Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower. All of them better than the respective Techno Blast, without having to give up the hold item slot.
    And they cause status effects!
    And it has just 5 PP?

    Its the one single thing that makes no sense in the whole fifth generation.

    Which is why I was curious to see what kind of thing they would do to Genesect in BW2 (idk, something similar to the concept of formes..), that would fix this. But with Genesect now revealed, nothing is different than we already knew .-.

    Before anyone goes "oh well at least the Water one is useful then?"
    No. Not even that is.
    Because a life-orb Water type Hidden Power is better. For real... LOL
    Not to mention the other moves benefit from the item too...