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    George Edmunds

    George now carried a bulging bag as he strolled along the path in what he thought was the direction of the academy. It was full of food he had purchased from a small family run shop in town just before it closed up for the night. Aber, Uhuru and Kane were eyeing it impatiently as they walked beside him.

    As the four of them reached the crest of a hill they spotted a large tree which looked perfect to sit and eat below. George didnt pay any attention to his surroundings as he dropped to the floor at the roots of the tree. He opened the bag and ripped open some packets of food for each of his pokemon. Not quite the balanced diet he usually made up for them but the store brand pokemon food should be perfectly fine for one night. George looked in the bag for his own food. As he did so he noticed a leg protruding from the other side of the tree. He left his food in the bag, got up and walked around the other side of the tree.

    "Um...Hi." George was never good at introductions. He cleared his throat and tried again.
    "Hi. Sorry to bother you. I was sat around the other side" George gestured to where his pokemon were eating happily. I didnt see you around this side of the tree. Mind if me and my pokemon join you?" This seemed a bit forward but the three pokemon were already deeply involved in their meals and would not be pulled away just to move and eat somewhere else. George noticed the book and couldnt help sneaking a peak at the page.
    "I'm George by the way. George Edmunds of Suicune Dorm at the academy. Im assuming by the text book you're also a student at the academy here?"
    George offered his hand for a hand shake as he said all of this. He gave an awkward smile and waited for the boys response.
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