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Caedmon Yeonart
Kanto Enclave

Caedmon waited as the dust slowly settled, a couple of Mechanists making their way out into the streets and aiming their weapons at him. Fairly predictable, but nothing he even wanted to have countered, had he been able to. He simply stood there and waited. Not long after, a Linoone popped out of hiding, declaring himself to be their leader.

Caedmon’s eyes narrowed at these words, slowly lifting his arms to fold them across his chest, his reason for doing it in slow, calm movements being that he didn’t want an entire group of Mechanists shooting their damned pistols and rifles at him all at once, although he should be able to dodge most, if not all of them. He rolled his shoulders slightly, his nose vibrating lightly as he took a small whiff of the air around him. The air, as he had thought, was thick with sweat, blood, dust and fear. Although…

His eyes widened only a slight bit as he caught a familiar scent, but didn’t move or turn his head to glance in the direction the scent had come from. He merely let out a little huff before speaking, his eyes looking over the Linoone behind the rocks. His body language betrayed him, especially that tail of his. First thing’s first though. He turned his head to glance over at the Leavanny for a moment, in silence.
“ … I am Caedmon Yeonart, second in command of the entire armed forces of the Knights of the Oran. I hope that answers your question sufficiently.”

He then turned back to the Linoone, his ears giving a little twitch as more Mechanists moved out into the streets to back up their allies.

“Good. I do not wish to shed any more blood than there has been today either. However, I think I did not make myself clear. I wish to speak to your leader. Not the leader of this excavation unit, but the leader of the Mechanists.”

He waited a moment as a wave of muttering went through the Mechanists before speaking again, cutting off the mumbling mass of Pokémon.

“… Of course, I could simply be doing this to come close to your leader to assassinate him, and to prove that I have no such plans, I have brought someone with me.”

He turned his head slightly, glancing back from where he came. He then lifted a paw and motioned towards it. A moment later, a small Timburr peeked around the corner, obvious relief in his eyes as he moved closer. He glanced towards Caedmon, who nodded, before hurrying over to a couple of Mechanists who checked him over and made sure he was actually one of their own.

“He is… regrettably, the sole survivor of this entire ordeal. He aided me in telling that you would most likely be here, and I promised him freedom in return. You may view me as a monster, a soulless killing machine… and perhaps I am. I am not the judge of myself. But I –am- a man of my word, and I will not lay a hand on any of you, or your allies. Not even your leader. Neither have I told any one of me being here. I am all alone.”

Caedmon kept his head held high, arms folded across his chest as he briefly looked over the shocked, almost baffled Mechanists, some of them narrowing their eyes suspiciously, before he looked back to the Linoone, staring awaitingly at him.

“I merely wish to speak to your leader. Nothing more.”
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