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    Name: Melody Rainwater

    Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Undella Town, Unova

    Appearance: Somewhat like this:

    Melody is often called "The Blonde-Haired Mistress", mostly due to her long golden yellow hair. She sports an all white dress, flowing with ruffles in assorted places. The ribbon around her neck is checkered and red, tied at least twice to avoid it from faltering off of her neck. For shoes she wears long white boots to match her dress, with the same colored socks showing just above the rim of her calf-high boots.

    Personality: Melody is beautiful and knows it. Therefore, she maintains a very crude and vain facade, whether she wants to or not. She spends most of her mornings on her hair, dressing and styling it however she feels the need to (be it braids, ponytails, updo's, etc.). When she'd approached by someone she feels is lower than her in status, she'll reproach them with snide remarks and just a downright rude tone in her voice.

    Around others that she's taken a liking to, she actually exudes a lovely tone and shows her most genuine self, a side she takes a lot of pride in showing. When someone does a favor for her, she makes it her objective to make sure she returns the gesture by any means necessary, and at no cost. Since money isn't a problem, she isn't really sympathetic to the financial needs of others, showing great disdain as she helps them out, as rare as that is though.

    She is also one to hold a grudge, especially when losing in battle. She takes too much pride in not only herself, but her Pokemon, so anybody who manages to defeat her sullies the fact (therefore becoming a target until she's powerful enough to defeat them). The vanity of her Pokemon is something she takes pride in mostly because of the time she spends assuring herself that they are at the peak of inner beauty and perfection.

    History: Melody was born in Undella Town in Unova, where she took etiquite lessons with her Aunt Cynthia. Yes, The Champion of Sinnoh Cynthia. Her Aunt moved her to Undella Town to help Melody pursue her life-long dream of becoming a model. Her first gig came around her 15th birthday, with help from some of the Gym Leaders (namely, Elesa of Nimbasa City) who gladly gave her the chance of accomplishing her dream.

    This is also something Melody takes pride in, seeing as how living in her Aunt's condo made her meet very successful and influential people. Someone prominent in her life being Elesa. Elesa, being a Gym Leader and also a model herself, easily helped out when it came to finding Melody an agency who'd sign her. When her first paying job came around, she made it her automatic career, traveling all over the Pokemon World for years to come afterwards.

    Her ticket on the S.S. Anne came as a present from her Aunt Cynthia, who believed the job had slightly changed her, a change for the worse. It was her hope that the trip on a luxury cruise liner would bring her back to the more bubbly and kind girl she was, and not the serious and crude Trainer she came to be.


    Species: Milotic

    Nickname: Vanity

    Level: 38

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Cute Charm - Infatuates on physical contact.


    -Confuse Ray
    -Hydro Pump
    -Aqua Tail

    Personality: Vanity is exactly what her name leads on; vain. She is marveled by anything beautiful, although nothing she encounters makes her feel inadequate to it, and will acknowledge anything that's worthy of her recognition. She, not unlike her Trainer, takes pride in her looks, even spending time assuring that her beauty in at its peak. Among other Pokemon, she likes to gauge their strength differently than most.though, and While she can battle and is definitely proficient, Vanity prefers to "air battle" so-to-speak, and put it in her mind if she'd win a battle or not. If she feels like she can't, she won't. Melody notices when her air battles don't turn out correctly, and will call out any of her other two Pokemon to battle in her place.

    Short Bio: Milotic came as Melody's 15th birthday present request. She'd gotten her as a Feebas and spoiled her constantly everyday until she eveolved into Vanity, her Milotic.

    Species: Roserade

    Nickname: Aroma

    Level: 34

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Natural Cure- Heals any status problem while resting in a Pokeball.


    -Magical Leaf
    -Mega Drain
    -Energy Ball

    Personality: Aroma likes to taunt others with her looks. Using her strangely colored arm roses, she lures her opponents in with her powerful Grass attacks, and delivers the final blow with her striking precision. Around people, Aroma is slightly reserved, only addressing those she deems worthy of response, much like the other members of her team. When she's not flirting with others for fun she's taunting some people by cloaking her mocking laughs with her purplish rosy arm.

    Short Bio: Roserade was given to Melody during one of her photoshoots in Verdanturf Town in Hoenn. The Pokemon, then a Roselia, captivated by Melody's looks, followed her inside the photoshoot and put anyone who tried to stop her to sleep. Admiring her strange coloring, Melody captured the Pokemon for herself and took her along on her trips. It was due to her kindness and good training habits that Aroma evolved into her Roserade.

    Species: Misdreavus

    Nickname: Jewel

    Level: 28

    Gender: Female

    Ability: Levitate- Cannot be hit by Ground-Type moves


    -Confuse Ray
    -Shadow Ball

    Personality: Jewel is rather clingy to Melody, not trusting anyone, not even her teammates, unless Melody seems to do so herself. Because of this, Jewel readily confuses anyone who comes near her Trainer wrong, sometimes not knowing that they pose little or no threat to her Trainer. When Jewel sleeps, she likes to hang upside-down or absorb her body into solid material, the sensation it creates putting her to sleep soon afterward.

    Short Bio: Misdreavus was captured by Melody in Ecruteak City after meeting Morty and his priests of the area. They payed a visit to a local tribunal of an old tribe and heard rumors of Ghost-Pokemon lurking around the building. It was soon after that Misdreavus came out and confused everyone in defense, only to end up consequently being captured by a wayward Pokeball, which happened to belong to Melody.

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