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    "So thats how it is." Isaac's attitude suddenly went to seriously threatening, "I'll let you in on a secret. We may be called trainers, but these are wild monsters at heart. To think you can force them to do somethign against their nature is cruel. These are my friends not little pets that I babysit. My pokemon are trained only to the point where they know what little I can give them. If you think that I've been lax your wrong. We've taken and faced death head on, and you think table manners are important? These are wild beasts that could cut you down if they wished. You all remember that N guy who wnt through Unova? He works here now, but I gotta agree with him on one thing. Our pokemon don't need us. Only we need them. Enjoy your potato salad princess. I'm gone."

    Isaac was now purely furious. He knew that training pokemon was no small feet, and for this girl to call him out because of table manners. Table F****** manners. It was rediculous. Isaac turned his back and began to walk away.

    "You suicunes are all the same. the rich kids who don't care about the people who have to work their asses off to get here. You got famous parents, money, talent. Well ya know what I got years and years or toil that got me here, and I didn't come to deal with trainers like you." Isaac said his voice somewhat pained.

    Isaac continued to walk away and his pokemon joined him. All but Raizer. He stared at the girl and shook his head. He pointed with one of his paws and sent a very clear message.

    ' Typh... Typhlosion." 'Learn some manners' Raizer barked.
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