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Side: Silver Tribe

Name: Sovereign

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Title: The Crusher (Title imposed on him by rumors and stories, not chosen by him. He cares not for titles)

Pokemon Species: Tyranitar

Appearance: Sovereign is truly a beast among beasts. Bearing a single vertical scar down his left eye, which he sustained as a larvitar, Sovereign's victims have been known to freeze up in the sight of his blood stained hands and feet.
Right, Sovereign. Left, Outrage mode.

Personality: Larvitar's, known to be abandoned by their mothers to fend for themselves in a hostile environment,has known nothing but but the cruelty of growing in the mountains. This has made him cold to the feelings of others and a powerful opponent on the battlefield. He lives only for the thrill of combat, proving himself time and again that he is among the strongest of the region. Civilian and friendly casualties are of no consequence, a fact which has gotten him in trouble on more than one occasion. But it is often forgiven for his ability to get the job done at any cost, and do the dirty work that others are not willing to do. However, Sovereign does have a certain fondness for Dragon Types since his father (a Garchomp) is the only Pokemon that has shown him kindness. He also has dragon's blood pumping through his veins which can manifest itself as fits of uncontrollable power.

History: His mother, seeing him as a weakness, abandoned him at a young age. Feeling rejected, he tried to prove himself by training day and night around a giant volcano, and fed on the magma contained within. Eventually he grew into a Pupitar and challenged his mother. Despite all his training, he still wasn't strong enough to beat her. She stabbed him in the eye with a rock (stone edge) and left him for dead. He was eventually found by an unlikely savior, his dad (a Garchomp). His dad, also shunned by Sovereign's mom, agreed to train him. He taught Sovereign the power of his bloodline, the powerful blood rage known as Outrage (egg move). It took several years to master. But when Sovereign did, he accidentally killed his father while testing it's power, unable to control himself. So distraught by the loss of the only family he had ever known sent him into a rage so strong it nearly collapsed the mountain itself. When the dust finally cleared, he had grown into his full adult form, a Tyranitar. He confronted his mother again, but this time he had an edge that she could not foresee. Even after he had defeated her, he could not stop. He continued to assault her for hours until no breath was drawn into her lungs. He had stained his hands and feet with the blood of his own mother, but he didn't care. He chose not to wash them as a sign of what he had accomplished. Stories of his brutality spread across the land and eventually reached the ears of Auron. He sent a group of messengers to invite Sovereign to the Silver Clan. All but one messenger were slaughtered. "If you want to ask me to join you, do it yourself. Do not send small fry into the maw of a beast like me." This was the message that the sole survivor delivered to Auron. Auron eventually conceded, and traveled to the lair of Sovereign. Sovereign promptly attacked Auron. The ensuing battle lasted days, but in the end Auron proved the stronger fighter. Sovereign then agreed to join Auron's ranks. "I had to know if you were as strong as they say you are," said Sovereign. "I couldn't ally myself with a weakling. And let me tell you, you didn't disappoint."

Sovereign's first battle with the Silver Tribe was to intercept a caravan of supplies on it's way to Gold Tribe forces. The battle is obscured by rumors which distort the facts, but it is generally believed that at some point during the fight, Sovereign snapped. It is said that Sovereign slaughtered every combatant on the battlefield that day, allies included. Auron supposedly was not happy at losing soldiers to one of his own men, but was forgiving since the story was likely to instill fear in those who opposed the Silver Tribe. It is hard to say how much of this is true and how much is made up, since very few people know the solid facts about what happened that day. The only certain thing is that something happened that day that deeply affected Sovereign...

Moveset: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Outrage, Crunch, Payback, Sandstorm.

All changes are underlined.
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