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Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post

I simply think that reinventing the wheel on another program like Game Maker, as an engine like Essentials is a bit of a waste of time unless it ends up for more than the one project as unfortunately, it won't stand out as anything different. Other than being developed with a different program.
It's somewhat of a waste of time developing with a different program if you will change too much. You're spending so much time working and customizing something that won't be a commercial success. In that point, it would be better to make your own game instead of a Pokemon fan game. With GameMaker, you can publish to Androids, iPods, PSPs, so why make a Pokemon game with a brand new style and brand new machanics in GameMaker if you could use it to publish on all of these other platforms?

Off topic: You are GavinForPresident on deviantArt, right? lol was wondering how you knew I was making an engine.