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Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
It's somewhat of a waste of time developing with a different program if you will change too much. You're spending so much time working and customizing something that won't be a commercial success. In that point, it would be better to make your own game instead of a Pokemon fan game. With GameMaker, you can publish to Androids, iPods, PSPs, so why make a Pokemon game with a brand new style and brand new machanics in GameMaker if you could use it to publish on all of these other platforms?
It isn't just because the money or we want fame, Spirit - it's all a work of passion for the game. We aren't here for the money - if we were, we would be in colleges, learning to design a Triple-A game for Sony or EA. No, we're here to show how much we love Pokémon. It's just as fandom-y as Pokémon Clubs (or even Pokémon Trivia) is here.

That being said, don't overdo it with the customizations. If it's too much of a change, chances are that it's going to be bad, since the current game engine is the result of years of perfection.
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