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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia could only watch aghast as Issac went off on her. He started talking about how pokemon were just wild animals, ferals that didn't need them at all. She frowned and tightened her hands into fists as he just went on and on about how pokemon didn't need them and all other kinds of b***s***. He walked off as he not only insulted her, but also Danielle and Lusca as well! The nerve! She was slightly relieved when Mark also stood up against Issac as well! At least there some considerate boys around here!

    "Well, I may be a suicuner, but at least I'm not a rotten a**h*** who is uncivilized in every single way!" She shouted at him. She clearly saw the typhloson give her the finger and she got up, "I suppose you are right, your pokmeon are indeed feral unkempt beasts that don't deserve to even have free roam over this facility!" She shouted once more as she moved away from the table, "Samuel, Tyro, we are leaving. It seems that my father was right, there are people in this world that don't care for any but themselves!" She grumbled as she walked out, her body taunt and stiff from her anger. Roberto followed her closely and just before he walked out the door, gave a quick glare at the Typhloson and moved his pincer across his throat and walked out, his message loud and clear. Samuel sighed as he followed after the two.

    It actually took Tyro a minute to realize that his trainer had left, "Oh, uh, later!" He quickly said to Able as he ran out as well.

    Lucia grunted as she walked all the way back to her dorm, many times muttering curse words under her breath as her three pokemon followed her. Roberto remained tall and dignified as Samuel and Tyro gave a few worrisome glances between each other. As soon as Lucia got to her room, she unlocked and slammed open the door and slammed it shut as the three got in. She grabbed a pokeball off her waist and released Diana onto the bed. "Right. We're going to show that Issac a thing or two! We are going to show just how much better educated and graceful pokemon are! He insulted the Bernavard name back there! That is a punishment that cannot be allowed!"

    Roberto nodded his head to Lucia's words as the others just listened. "Starting tomorrow we will train, we will show him as well as the other students of this school how our formal training will propel us to the top!"

    She looked over her pokemon, "Alright, time for bed. We have a long day tomorrow." She returned all of them, save Roberto, to their pokeballs and dressed for sleep. She got in her bed as the Scizor leaned against a wall. "Night Roberto." The Scizor just nodded as his trainer soon fell asleep. He leaned against the wall and did what he always did, watch over Lucia at all times.
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