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    Julius frowned as he studied the drawn picture within his textbook. Earth and sea in a deadlock...? People had always looked at Mother Nature as a beautiful, gentle thing. But Julius knew first hand that it could be harsh and difficult to survive in, if you weren't prepared and lucky. But the calamity described here far out-classed what he had gone through.

    Julius moved his face closer to the book, propping up his glasses all the while, as he heard a distracting voice in the background. No doubt some noisy person passing by.

    Julius was surprised, however, when a hand was extended toward him. Julius jumped slightly as he looked up to see someone directly beside him, smiling awkwardly.

    "Sorry, I didn't notice you before." The abashed Julius said as he closed the book with his thumb still holding his page. He held his hand out and shook their hand politely. "I am Julius Claudius Madeus, Suicune Dorm."

    Julius was slightly distracted by Vibrava beside him, its antenae flickering madly as it sent soundwaves through the air, in the vague form of what might be defined as words. It was nearly impossible for someone who didn't have Julius' specific eardrums to understand, and even Julius struggled to make out the words sometimes.

    "Ah," Julius sighed in relief as Vibrava relayed everything George had said before he had begun to pay attention. "You're from the Suicune Dorm as well? Go ahead and sit; I don't mind. As for my book, I borrowed it from the library. It's filled with strange legends from older days. This one that I'm looking at tells of how the earth and sea once fought each other. But strangely, it says that they were both trying to destroy one another out of pure hostility. If this is true, is it possible that they could succeed? If so, what would happen then? If the sea swallowed the earth, or the earth sheathed over the sea...would the victorious side truly have anything to celebrate about? And if they came to a stalemate and destroyed one another, what would be left, if not for the oceans and land?"

    Julius' eyes flared with a sort of overwhelming passion, to George's surprise. It was as if every fiber of his being was completely focused on the mystery plaguing the boy.
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