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    The girl just left. This reignited Isaac's anger.

    "Yeah well obviously my apology wasn't accepted, so why should I bother." Isaac said stopping where he was, "Stereotype or not. I can tell you this already she fits it for sure. As I said wild monsters. We don't get to control them. We only can guide them, and I won't force my pokemon to be something they aren't. Like lap dogs and parlor tricks."

    Isaac turned back to face them all. He did feel bad for yelling, but they seemed to have it coming.

    "I tried to be civil. I tried to make up for it, but instead you insult me. Accidents happen. My pokemon choked. Would you have rather had him suffocate instead of get your shirt stained. Well I'll keep that in mind next time. I'll just let the only things that truelly matter to me die because they didn't want to get your clothes dirty." Isaac trembled.

    He was becoming a mess. He was furious, sad, and just plain hurt. Did this girl even have the tiniest shred of an idea of what he'd gone through, and now was complaining about clothes and table manners. She talked as though they were worth more then Isaac or his pokemon.

    "She did the same thing before. Insulted a kid then jsut ran off furious. I may have a temper, but atleast its over my pokemon's health not their table manners. My parents both pull two jobs to get me here, and I've worked my a** off as well. I came here to make something of the life I got not be insulted by a girl with everything."


    Orion had just made it to the suicune dorm when a blonde girl stormed in and on by.

    "...Jakio... wanna make a bet?" Orion asked his charmeleon.

    "CHA!" 'YEAH!" JAkio replied.

    "I bet Isaac's involved." Orion chuckled, "Come on let's go."

    Orion guessed by the bits of potato on the girl's clothes they'd find Isaac in the cafeteria, and they were right. Orion arrived to Isaac raging over a crowd of students.

    "Told ya. That's two laps tomarrow." Orion told Jakio, "Hey! Whats going on here?" Orion shouted.

    "...Trust me best you stay out of it." Isaac muttered.
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