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    Well if the fans can do it, Sega can certainly do it too!

    Sorry I couldn't type that with a straight face.

    So anyway, talking about AOSTH reminded me of all the forms of animation Sonic has been in. The stupid cartoony-ish Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, his overrated adventures with the freedom fighters, his quest to find his mom with his fan character siblings, or the for some reason liked Sonic X show.

    I've only seen some of the episodes of AOSTH, but every episode is pretty much the whole show. Its stupid and silly, and I'd personally stick with Animaniacs for the random slapstick cartoon of the 90's.


    Generation 3.

    Most of the characters do nothing. Tails just sits around whining and the onyl thing I recall him ever doing is meeting the plot device for a filler episode. He contributes nothing to advance the story. Robotnik is a horrible villain. People only find him threatening because of his voice. He claims he has taken over the entire world, despite only conquering a city, and he can't even take over a SMALL FOREST, even when he has an entire army of robots at his disposal. Snivly does all of the work, and most of the time Robotnik is on his knees, crying. He is scared of like Ixus Nagus. In the end, he has to result to NUKING THE PLACE in order to destroy a forest he can easily destroy with a container of oil and a lighter. The Sonic in this show is annoying. He's an overconfident, egotistical, self-rightious, boastful idiot. He is considerably weaker than all the other incarnations of Sonic, and needs a power up hit a speed he should be able to reach normally. Antoine is a stereotypical french man who also does nothing besides trying to get hot with Sally. Which brings me to her. All she does is nag Sonic, and almost never goes to Robotropolis herself. She always leaves Sonic to do the dangerous stuff.

    Lol my opinion bro


    Also I don't get why so many people like Sonic X so much. I watched the whole thing. I don't think it was bad, I just don't find it as great as most people say it is. What was the point of transporting them to the human world? Why not keep it in their own dimension? I like how it did integrate lots of the game characters like The Chaotix and Shadow, and even making adaptations of Sa1 and Sa2. But I just find it a little unentertaining at points AND THE ENGLISH DUB HORRENDOUS.
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