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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Eew, so much crap. This time, I'm in trouble, because I have the tendency to overlevel one Pokémon (usually the starter) and then forget about all the rest. So this time, I told myself, "No. We are going to train them all equally." And guess what? I'm about 90 cumulative levels behind the E4 and I really don't want to finish the game now.
    You can take one Fighting Pokémon and gain 7 levels in 20 fights if you start slightly higher than the Audinos you seek out and battle. I just got Cobalion and Virizion up 11 levels each very quickly. Since I haven't finalized my team, I'm focusing on leveling up Pokémon of each type for future use along the Route 11-15 part of the circle (trainers all Lv.60+ and wild Pokémon starting in the 40s).

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